Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Episode 61: ...And Some Stain Remover...

I'm trying a little more experimentation with the word balloons. Hopefully, it works.

Anyway, remember the fight from Episode 57? Yeah, me either. See you next time.


Acro said...

Any updates on your new project?

I greatly enjoyed this strip.

Smitty D said...

Alas, no updates yet (the day job has been a killer), but I'm trying to get back on track. Thanks for your kind words, Acro.

MrGore said...

Hey, a few months ago I had an idea, and it was this web comic that inspired me.
I was to create a web comic such as this, using figures for pictures, but it wouldn't be a one man project, I would be a collective project, each oen would post a new page a week, so in the end each person wouln't have to post ofthen and the story would go on, and it would be fun see how the plot unfolds since everyone is putting their own ideas on the comic. Are you interested in joining thsi project?
if so you may contact me at figurerealm, using the PM system, same nickname.

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