Friday, December 07, 2007

Episode 2: Enter the Bruce!

Another Friday, another episode; enjoy it. Blog entry follows:

So, I just got done reading World War Hulk and a few choice crossover titles, and I've got to admit that it left me wanting a lot more. The whole point was -- what? To ***SPOILER ALERT*** bring the Hulk back to Earth to kill him, and leave his band of misfits stranded here? Too bad, I really liked the Planet Hulk storyline. To have it end so poorly is kind of sad.

After reading a couple issues of The Boys, I think Garth Ennis has finally found his calling...because it sure isn't the Punisher. When I think about what he did to the Punisher, it makes my fists ball up all on their own. I guess a lot of people like his take on Frank Castle, but then, a lot of people like professional wrestling. Go figure.

If you have a PS3, do yourself a favor and buy Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. That game will knock your socks off; I can't wait for the sequel. Also, WarHawk is still awesome.

I recently saw Ultraviolet on cable, and it made me want to punch the director, writer, and producer in the face. Twice. The same goes for the second season of Heroes. Those bastards wasted precious hours of my life, and I want them all back with interest.

Also, I recently saw the new WoW commercials with Mr. T and William Shatner. While the Mr. T version was the funniest of the two, the Shatner one made me think of the ultimate movie idea. Picture it: William Shatner and Adam West as partners in a buddy cop movie. We could even throw in Mr. T as their chief. That idea is concentrated awesome.

Well, that's enough of that. See you next Friday!

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