Friday, January 18, 2008

Intermission: Luke and Sam Special Episode

I'm just taking a short break from the "Neighbors" storyline to share this special episode with you. Yeah, I said I'd post this on a non-Friday...but here it is anyway. Five pages of non-L&S-continuity story...enjoy!

The episode above actually started out as an idea for a short fan film. I was going to play all of the parts, but I simply could not find a yellow silk shirt with a butterfly collar. Oh well...I still may commit this to film if I find an appropriate shirt. Also, I came up with the script a couple years before Bendis pulled Luke Cage out of obscurity, so I tweaked it up a bit to reflect current comic book events.

Anyway, my comics just got here, so I'm gonna do some reading. See you next week!


EdgeVerse said...

hey dude. edgeverse here, I spent this afternoon in between shift as work reading all your episodes. This one had me rolling. Kinda Chapelle show in a way. Loved it. Keep up the awesome work.

Esbat said...

I abso-fuckin'-lutely love this comic. You forget about Rocket Racer, Night Thrasher, and The Prowler. Oddly enough RR and NT ride skateboards even though they're both in like their 30's.

Smitty D said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I'll have to put together some other multi-page episodes somewhere down the line...

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